What is the value of writing to your MP? Is there any?

So, in the wake of this police state and full imposition of authoritarian power, writing to your MP seems like a pretty stupid idea, doesn’t it? I mean they are rolling out horrific authoritarian control. Writing to your MP isn’t going to change anything, is it?

You’re right. It isn’t.

But if that was all there is to say on this issue, that would be the end of the post, wouldn’t it? In fact, I do think there is more to say about it, so let’s press on.

When I talk about ‘writing to your MP’ in this context, I am referring to issues that are of national political importance. I’m not talking about either local matters or personal problems in which an MP may get involved in solving. Those are rather different.

Instead, let’s talk about an example. My MP as I have said before is Preet Kaur Gill, Labour representative for Birmingham Edgbaston, who was first elected in 2017 as a replacement for the outgoing Gisela Stuart (whom you may be familiar with as one of the few Labour Brexiteers). She was then comfortably re-elected in 2019 despite the wipeout of the Labour Party in much of the Midlands and North.

Now the main issue which I have talked to my MP about is the Julian Assange case (of course). Now I want to make it very clear that my MP, either before or after I had written to her, does not seem to have done anything positive for Assange whatsoever.

Did I expect that as a result of me writing to her, she would have a Damascene conversion and become a staunch Assange defender? No.

So why do it? I have laid out all the evidence of the horrific treatment of Assange in HMP Belmarsh and the fact that his extradition is a threat to free speech and freedom of the press. I have written about his poor state of health and how it is possible he could die in prison.


Because it is not possible for her, after my actions, to plead ignorance of Julian Assange’s plight, because I told her about it.

If you – as an individual in position of power – know about a man’s torture in your own country and you do nothing about it, you are complicit in it.

You can use whatever words you like. My MP is rather fond of saying it is up to the courts. The courts denied him bail so nothing to see here. Or in other words, she is trying to say, if he dies in that prison, it isn’t up to me, his blood isn’t on my hands. Psychologically, that is what is going on here.

I believe that this nexus between morality and complicity is where any value of writing to your MP lies. It is moral to protect a man from torture. It it complicity to ignore a man’s torture when you could speak out. Writing to your MP helps expose their complicity, and their reasons for it.


Liberal Nonsense #5: 20th December

Honestly this one is just disgusting.

This is the normalisation of a war criminal, who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq. But according to this ”’journalist”’ (I am more of a journalist and I just have this shitty blog, lol) what we need to have is ‘fascinating discussions’ with the man who was responsible for that. Not question him for lying us into a war. Not questioning on how many people were killed. Not questioning on the war crimes revealed by Manning & Assange. Nope, he instead gets to talk about the Labour party and how he knows best (because that’s what he thinks in every situation – that he knows best). The MSM loves Blair and alsways gives him softball interviews where they NEVER ask about the War Crimes.

Also my MP (who got reelected fairly comfortably) liked this tweet. That’s how I saw it on my timeline (usually i don’t see liberal bull unless someone in my feed retweets it to take the piss or a liberal replies to me directly. I don’t follow liberals/MSM, etc)

God Labour is a joke.


Calling Reselection Sexist? The new argument against party democracy

So my MP tweeted this out:

Now, this argument is ridiculous. Firstly, only 5 MPs have been triggered to my knowledge. The other MP not mentioned in this list is Roger Godsiff who is not a minority of any kind. The problem with this argument is statistical. That there have been 5 MPs triggered and 4 of them are women is not a statistically significant sample, therefore this is not evidence of any form of sexism.

If there is actual evidence of sexism in these reselections, it should be brought to the fore, but i don’t agree with calling it sexist without any evidence presented. It is the same as the US ‘Bernie Bro’ hysteria where anyone who supported Sanders was labeled sexist for not supporting Clinton (and this argument has recently been repackaged in terms of those who support Sanders over Warren).

Secondly, it ignores any women who may have voted for deselection. A woman can oppose another woman in positions of power for completely fair reasons (such as, well, any reason at all really, corruption, bad policy etc etc.) This idea that you’ve got to stand with another woman no matter what, ignoring any sort of personality or policy considerations, is toxic. I also find it extremely patronising to be told that I have got to support another woman in positions of power. I have my own brain and I can make that decision by myself.

Thirdly, it needs to be considered that any woman is capable of being a bad MP or one that is out of line with their constituents. This is really obvious.

Fourthly, well who exactly is this man who got triggered and why? Well his name is Roger Godsiff from Birmingham Hall Green constituency. And the reason members want a reselection contest is this:

The shadow education secretary, Angela Rayner, said she had reported fellow Labour MP Roger Godsiff to the party’s chief whip over comments about LGBT teaching in schools, as other party colleagues criticised him for saying “you’re right” to protesters against such teaching at a Birmingham primary school.

The Guardian

Yes that’s right, they want to deselect him for being a homophobic bigot.

If deselection did not exist, Labour members would not have any recourse to remove this homophobe.

(As a side note, it is revealing to contrast the treatment of Roger Godsiff with that of Derby North MP Chris Williamson. Chris Williamson was kicked out of the Labour party for saying that it was too apologetic about *smears* of anti-Semitism, yet Roger Godsiff defends outright bigots and isn’t suspended from the Labour Party.)

If MPs aren’t accountable to those that they represent and members of their party ‘democracy’ is utterly pointless.

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Does Your Labour MP Support the Labour Friends of Israel?

Today, while I was researching my upcoming piece about Tom Watson and his challenger George Galloway & Galloway’s event at the Hare and Hounds yesterday, I made a discovery that horrified me. I was going through the list of MPs on the Labour Friends of Israel website and I found out that my MP is on the list! That is, Preet Kaur Gill MP of the constituency Birmingham Edgbaston.

Screenshot from Labour Friends of Israel and my tweet about it.

I’ve written her an email. I have written emails before trying to get her to stand up for Julian Assange (no luck on that score sadly). But I have wrote again about this, because I am to be frank, pissed off. Here is my email:

Dear Preet Kaur Gill MP, 
I recently learned that you are listed as a supporter of the Labour Friends of Israel. To be frank I was horrified by this. I had no idea that you supported this organisation. 

Israel is an apartheid state. It considers itself to be a Jewish state, which means that any individual who is a non-Jew is inferior in Israel. Israel considers the existence of Arabs in its territory to be a ‘demographic threat’. Israel committed crimes in 1948 through the Nakba, the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes and refuses to allow anyone to return. Israel continues to commit crimes through the shooting of unarmed protesters during the Great March of Return protest including Razan Al Najaar, an unarmed 20-year old medic who was murdered by Israeli security forces with a sniper rifle. Israel continues to push its settlements in the West Bank, and much of the West Bank is not even under nominal Palestinian control, but is controlled directly by the Israeli state. The areas that are under nominal Palestinian Authority control are Balkanised as much as possible by Israel, so that there is no viable contiguous Palestinian entity in the West Bank. Gaza has been described by many as an ‘open air prison’ because of the absolutely awful conditions there. Israel is directly responsible for creating these terrible conditions through blockade and other tactics. Israel attacks Palestinian children constantly. Abd al-Rahman Shtaiwi was recently shot in the head by Israeli forces and had to go into hospital, he is 9 years old. Many Palestinian children are killed by Israeli tactics. Israel is also extremely racist against black people – including Ethiopian Jews.

The Labour Friends of Israel claims to support a two state solution in Israel. However this ignores the fact that Israel has done everything in its power to prevent any such solution, and has probably made any such solution non-viable. The West Bank is divided into three areas of control, areas A B and C. Area A is Palestinian Authority Control, Area B is Joint Control, and Area C is Israeli control. So Palestine does not even have nominal control over this alleged basis of a Palestinian state. Israel has pushed its settlements into the West Bank and thus completely undermined any basis for a two state solution. The ‘Israel supports a two-state solution’ has merely become a mantra repeated by those in the West in order to defend Israel and its crimes by supporting a ‘Zombie Peace Process’ (as Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton on their program Moderate Rebels called it). Labour Friends of Israel has also been at the forefront when it comes to blaming Palestinians for Israeli war crimes. In response to the murders carried out by Israel during the Great March of Return, the Labour Friends of Israel blamed Hamas rather than the perpetrators. (This was reported in the outlet offguardian). It also attempts to pinkwash Israeli apartheid, which as a member of the LGBTQ community I find repulsive.

I would like to know how you can justify supporting such a state and such an organisation. I will state upfront that I will not vote for any individual who supports the Labour Friends of Israel, as I believe it to be a morally bankrupt group that whitewashes Israeli war crimes.

Here is the list of MPs that support Labour Friends of Israel according to its website. We all know about the likes of Tom Watson, but is your MP a less high profile supporter of this organisation? This is the list from the LFI website. I’ve deleted the Lords from it though they also deserve to be shamed. Constituencies added where I can find them quickly on Wikipedia.

LFI Officers:

Rt. Hon Joan Ryan MP, LFI Chair [Enfield North, actually now a ‘Change UK’ MP but still leader of this ‘Labour’ organisation apparently]

Dame Louise Ellman MP [Liverpool Riverside]

Sharon Hodgson MP [Washington and Sunderland West]

Rt. Hon Pat McFadden MP [Wolverhampton South East]

Rachel Reeves MP [Leeds West]

Rt. Hon John Spellar MP [Warley]

Jonathan Reynolds MP [Stalybridge and Hyde]

LFI Supporters:

Mike Amesbury MP [Weaver Vale]

Ian Austin MP [Dudley North, now ‘Independent’]

Luciana Berger MP [Liverpool Wavertree, now Independednt]

Rt. Hon Nick Brown MP [Newcastle upon Tyne East]

Chris Bryant MP

Rt. Hon Liam Byrne MP [Birmingham Hodge Hill]

Vernon Coaker MP [Gedling]

Rosie Cooper MP [West Lancashire]

Yvette Cooper MP [Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford]

Mary Creagh MP [Wakefield]

Jon Cruddas MP [Dagenham and Rainham]

Wayne David MP

Gloria DePiero MP [Ashfield]

Angela Eagle MP [Wallasey]

Chris Elmore MP

Chris Evans MP

Jim Fitzpatrick MP [Poplar and Limehouse]

Rt. Hon Caroline Flint MP [Don Valley]

James Frith MP [Bury North]

Barry Gardiner MP [Brent North]

Mike Gapes MP [Ilford South]

Preet Gill MP [Birmingham Edgbaston]

Mary Glindon MP [North Tyneside]

Lilian Greenwood MP [Nottingham South]

Nia Griffith MP

John Grogan MP [Keighley]

Andrew Gwynne MP [Denton and Reddish]

Fabian Hamilton MP [Leeds North East]

Rt. Hon David Hanson MP

Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge MP [Barking]

Rt. Hon George Howarth MP [Knowsley]

Dan Jarvis MP [Barnsley Central]

Diana Johnson MP [Hull North]

Darren Jones MP [Bristol North West]

Helen Jones MP [Warrington North]

Kevan Jones MP [North Durham]

Mike Kane MP [Wythenshawe and Sale East]

Liz Kendall MP [Leicester West]

Peter Kyle MP [Hove]

Rt. Hon David Lammy MP [Tottenham]

Chris Leslie MP [Nottingham East]

Ian Lucas MP

Sandy Martin MP [Ipswich]

Chris Matheson MP [City of Chester]

Steve McCabe MP [Birmingham Selly Oak]

Catherine McKinnell MP [Newcastle upon Tyne North]

Conor McGinn MP [St Helens North]

Stephen Morgan MP [Portsmouth South]

Melanie Onn MP [Great Grimsby]

Lucy Powell MP [Manchester Central]

Toby Perkins MP [Chesterfield]

Jess Phillips MP [Birmingham Yardley]

Bridget Phillipson MP [Houghton and Sunderland South]

Emma Reynolds MP [Wolverhampton North east]

Virendra Sharma MP [Ealing Southall]

Barry Sheerman MP [Huddersfield]

Ruth Smeeth MP [Stoke on Trent North]

Angela Smith MP [Penistone and Stocksbridge]

Jeff Smith MP [Manchester Withington]

Owen Smith MP

Karin Smyth MP [Bristol South]

Wes Streeting MP [Ilford North]

Graham Stringer MP [Blackley and Broughton]

Gareth Thomas MP [Harrow West]

Emily Thornberry MP [Islington South and Finsbury]

Anna Turley MP [Redcar]

Karl Turner MP [Hull East]

Derek Twigg MP [Halton}

Stephen Twigg MP [Liverpool West Derby]

Chuka Umunna MP [Streatham, also a Lib Dem]

Rt. Hon Keith Vaz MP [Leicester East]

Tom Watson MP [West Bromwich East]

Phil Wilson MP [Sedgefield]

Rt. Hon Rosie Winterton MP [Doncaster Central]

These individuals should be called out for their moral bankruptcy in supporting Labour Friends of Israel. If you are constituent of one of these MPs, do you really want them supporting an apartheid state? Do you think it is in your best interest? You should tell them so. They probably won’t listen, but they need to be called out.